Samsung follows up on sanctions! Announcement to suspend shipments to Russia

Samsung Electronics said on Saturday (5th) that it has suspended shipments to Russia based on the current geopolitical development, and will continue to actively monitor this complex situation to determine the next step.

According to data from market research agency Counterpoint, as of the fourth quarter of 2021, Samsung smartphones had a 30% market share in Russia, ranking first, ahead of Xiaomi (23%) and Apple (13%).

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sparked sanctions from many countries and criticism from the international community. Brands such as Apple, Nike and IKEA have stopped or suspended their business in Russia. Of course, changes in shipping routes may also be one of the factors to be considered.

Counterpoint data pointed out that Chinese mobile phone brands will account for 44% of the Russian market in 2021, and Chinese officials have frequently avoided criticizing Russia for invading Ukraine, so Chinese companies have basically remained silent about their business in Russia.

In addition, Samsung will donate $6 million, including $1 million in consumer electronics and voluntary employee donations, to actively support humanitarian relief efforts and local refugees.

It is reported that Russia and Ukraine will start the third round of negotiations, which is expected to be held next Monday (7th).

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