Anonymous hacks Russian streams and TV stations to show footage of battle in Ukraine

The hacker group Anonymous today hacked multiple streams and TV stations in Russia and broadcast footage of the war in Ukraine.

Anonymous, an international hacker organization, announced last week that it would “go to war” with Russia on the Internet, and paralyzed several Russian government websites, but it was also criticized by netizens. Anonymous’s technology is getting more and more backward, always DDoS only one trick, but today they flexed Anonymous muscles again.

Anonymous hacked Russian streaming services Wink and Lvi, as well as all-day TV channels Russia 24, Channel One, and Moscow 24, and turned the footage into footage of the Ukrainian battlefield.

Russia 24 is an all-day Russian news channel, Moscow 24 is a movie station, and Lvi streaming provides Netflix-like service content. Imagine when people open these channels, the pictures are of the Russian army bombing Ukraine and civilian houses on fire. The picture shows how much impact it will have on the Russian people.

At present, the Russian government has adopted tough information controls in the country, and banned social media and foreign news channels, but it still cannot stop people from connecting with each other. People continue to take to the streets to protest against the war, demanding that Russia withdraw its troops and stop the war.

Anonymous did not disclose the details and technical information of the operation, but this time, they hacked into the TV station to broadcast their own pictures. The method was almost like a movie plot, and people had to conform to their technology. At the same time, the major streaming service providers should also tighten their skins, so as not to be hacked by themselves one day.

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