Morgan Stanley: TSMC’s N3e process research and development is progressing smoothly, and there is an opportunity for mass production in the first quarter

Foreign media “wccftech” reported that the investment report of foreign investment Morgan Stanley (Morgan Stanley) quoted the social media statement of retired engineers of TSMC, the leading foundry, and visited equipment suppliers. TSMC’s 3nm improved N3e process is progressing smoothly , have the opportunity to obtain more orders, and give TSMC an “outperform” investment rating.

Dalmore said on Twitter that TSMC’s retired engineer said that TSMC will end the N3e process design process before the end of March, which means that N3e will be one quarter earlier than the scheduled third quarter of 2023 mass production, and mass production will begin in the second quarter of 2023. Although the number of N3e transistors is about 8% lower than that of the first-generation 3nm process, it is still about 60% higher than that of the 5nm process, and the reduction of 4 layers of EUV masks makes N3e an important cost and process advantage for TSMC.

The Morgan Stanley report came out after Taiwanese media reported that TSMC’s 3nm process encountered some bottlenecks, and also mentioned the situation of the N3b process. Originally, it was reported that TSMC’s 3nm process encountered some R&D bottlenecks, and customers had to replace it with a relatively mature and stable 5nm process in consideration of yield, but it has not been confirmed.

TSMC President Wei Zhejia mentioned in the third quarter of 2021 that the N3e process performance, yield, and power consumption are better, and it can develop new chip production technology with the processor giant Intel. The third South Korean Samsung capable of developing this node process is rumored to be investigating whether the company’s chip yield report is false.

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