The game industry joins sanctions, and major manufacturers such as Activision Blizzard and American Electronic Arts stop selling works in Russia

Since the passage of the United Nations General Assembly condemning Russian aggression last week, international companies have accelerated the departure or termination of operations in the country. After Xbox and CD Projeckt, the game industry giants, Electronic Arts, Activision Blizzard and Epic Games have also announced recently. , stop operating and selling new games in Russia.

Daniel Algre, president and chief operating officer of Activision Blizzard, said in an open letter to employees that until the end of the Russian-Ukrainian war, all game sales and operations in Russia will be stopped, and in order to support the war-damaged Ukrainian people, the company will In cooperation with the spontaneous fundraising action initiated by employees, an additional amount of twice the total amount raised will be donated to Ukraine.

Epic Games, famous for classic games such as “Dreamland”, “Gears of War” and “Fortress Heroes”, also announced on its official Twitter that in order to support the Ukrainian people, it will stop all operations in Russia, except that it will not be able to purchase new games. , Russian players can still connect to play previously purchased games, unaffected.

Electronic Arts, Xbox and CD Projekt, the developer of “Betrayal 2077”, all said that in addition to Russia, the three companies will simultaneously cease all operations in Belarus and will provide technical and humanitarian support to the Ukrainian people.

PlayStation is expected to follow up this wave of sanctions in the near future. At present, it has suspended the latest release of “Romance 7” in Russia. On Steam, the world’s largest game platform, Russian players have been unable to purchase the game since last week, and developers have not been able to receive it. payments.

This wave of action from the game industry is mainly in response to a call last week by Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister and Digital Minister Fedorov Mykhailo, saying that global game developers should stop their services in Russia and Belarus, expressing protest against their aggressive wars .

In addition to the game industry, technology giants such as Apple, Disney, Sony Pictures, Netflix, etc. also announced last week to stop related services and operations in Russia.

With the increase in economic sanctions, it remains to be seen whether the pressure on the Russian government can change the war situation.

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