Intel’s advanced process development exceeds expectations, Pat Gelsinger: Intel 18A has found customers

In March 2021, Pat Gelsinger, the newly appointed CEO of the processor leader Intel (Intel), proposed the IDM 2.0 strategy, developed advanced processes and returned to the foundry market, proposing Intel 7, Intel 4, Intel 3 and Intel 20A, Intel 18A and other five-generation advanced processes. The most ambitious is the development of the five-generation advanced process. Almost one generation a year, Intel will start producing the Intel 18A process in 2025, officially competing with the 2nm advanced process planned by TSMC.

Regarding the advanced process planning of Intel’s IDM 2.0 strategy, the market has encountered bottlenecks in Intel’s 14-nm and 10-nm processes, and the listing was finally delayed. Intel will produce 5th-generation advanced processes in just four years, so the outside world still has doubts about Pat Gelsinger’s planning .

Pat Gelsinger responded to relevant questions in a speech at the foreign investor Morgan Stanley (Morgan Stanley) investor conference a few days ago. He is very confident in Intel’s IDM 2.0 strategic plan, and Intel’s advanced process progress has exceeded expectations.

Pat Gelsinger emphasized that the Intel 7 process entered mass production and began to increase capacity. The next four generations of advanced processes will be carried out simultaneously by two teams, one for the Intel 4 and improved Intel 3 processes, and the other for the Intel 20A and 18A processes. It is planned that the Intel 20A and 18A processes will be mass-produced in 2024, respectively, and the Intel 18A process is half a year ahead of schedule.

Pat Gelsinger emphasized that in addition to Intel’s advanced process, Intel 3 and Intel 18A process will also provide foundry services. Pat Gelsinger said that both generations of advanced processes have now found customers, but the list was not disclosed.

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