‘Our Lady of the Javelin’ image sold, Canadian creator surprised

A few days after the Russian-Ukrainian war, a new account named “saintjavelin” suddenly appeared on the social networking site Instagram, uploading a picture of the Virgin Mary holding a Javelin anti-tank missile. As soon as it was posted, it received a large number of manufacturers requesting purchase authorization. , the sales popularity is beyond the author’s expectations.

Canadian author Christian Borys said in a recent interview with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) that when he saw the news of the outbreak of the war, he wanted to find a way to help the Ukrainian people get through the difficulties, and through social networking sites, he saw the Ukrainian army using US-supported Javelin missiles , destroyed many Russian armored vehicles, and was inspired to create this picture.

Borys said that the Virgin Mary, holding a javelin missile, has a halo in the blue of the Ukrainian flag and a pattern composed of the Ukrainian military emblem to make hundreds of stickers, hoping to persuade relatives and friends to buy stickers and participate in fundraising.

“I thought it would be good to raise about $500.” Borys said in an interview with the media, but he received a large number of netizens on Instagram requesting to buy, and the stickers were sold out all at once.

Therefore, he decided to upload the pattern to the Canadian online shopping platform Shopify, so that interested buyers can directly purchase the pattern authorization. The pattern sold for more than $1,000 a day after it was put on the shelves. In addition to individual buyers, many manufacturers also expressed their desire to purchase the pattern to authorize the production of peripheral goods.

The large number of orders also made Borys have to subsidize some of the income for the cost, and suspend the original work to focus on the sale of patterns, and cooperated with the Canadian charity “Help Us Help”, the revenue was used to purchase medical supplies, education funds and after moving out of Ukraine. living support and other expenses.

Ten days after the launch, Borys and Help Us Help raised $470,000, and sales are still going strong, with more money expected to be poured in.

In the two weeks since the start of the war, the United States and NATO allies have delivered more than 17,000 Javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine. The FGM-148 Javelin missile is a product launched by Raytheon and Lockheed Martin in 1996. Up to 4.75 kilometers, the combined weight of the launch tube and the sight is about 22 kilograms, and it needs to be operated by two people.

In order to protect the safety of the launch crew, when the Javelin missile is launched, it first ejects from the barrel, and then ignites the rocket to propel it upwards. It is guided by infrared imaging. After locking on the target, the missile will fly to the top of the target and then sprint downward, aiming at the most vulnerable armored vehicle. Therefore, recently, social networks and international media have repeatedly seen Russian chariots with their turrets blown off.

CBC pointed out that the image of the Virgin of the Javelin in Borys sold out, showing that people around the world are eager to help the Ukrainian people. After all, in addition to US and NATO weapons, more Ukrainian civilians need medical care, food and other necessities of life support.

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