Nintendo, Sony stop shipping game consoles to Russia, share prices rise

Russia invaded Ukraine, Europe, the United States, and Japan imposed economic sanctions on Russia, and companies responded to the sanctions one after another. More than 200 major companies around the world have indicated that they have withdrawn/scaled down their Russian business. Two major Japanese video game companies, Nintendo and Sony, also said on the 9th that they would stop shipping game consoles to Russia. Shares of the two companies rose in unison today.

According to the quotation of Yahoo Finance, as of 11:47 am on the 10th, Taipei time, Sony has soared 8.73%, and Nintendo has risen 1.68%.

According to Japanese media reports, Nintendo said on the 9th that it will currently stop shipping products to Russia, including all products such as Switch and other game consoles and game software, mainly due to “continuous logistics chaos and inability to conduct payment transactions.” Nintendo’s revenue in the Russian market is small, and the impact of cessation of shipments on performance is not expected to be significant.

Nintendo has suspended online shopping services in the Russian market a few days ago. Russian consumers cannot buy digital games and other products, mainly because payment providers on Nintendo’s online sales website have stopped trading rubles.

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), a subsidiary of Sony games, also announced on the 9th that it will stop shipping products to Russia, including game software and PS game consoles including the new game “Gran Turismo 7”, and The online store “PlayStation Store” in Russia will also cease operations.

Sony Pictures Entertainment (Sony Pictures Entertainment) has announced as early as a few days ago that it will stop showing films in Russia, and the new film “Morbius” is expected to be released in late March. In addition to Sony, Disney (Disney) and Warner Bros (Warner Bros) have also announced that they will stop showing new films in Russia.

According to statistics from Yale University in the United States, as of March 7, more than 230 major global companies such as Japan, the United States and Europe have indicated that they will withdraw or shrink their Russian business, and these companies will make such a decision mainly because If the business in Russia continues, it may lead to disgust among consumers or investors, which may lead to a decline in brand value or stock price.

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