The times create heroes, and the world snaps up the copyright of Zelensky’s “Public Servant of the People”

Agence France-Presse reported on the 10th that from one, two to 20 TV stations around the world swarmed to a small agency in Stockholm, Sweden (Stockholm) to bid for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The rights to the hit comedy series. Zelensky was a comedian and now a wartime hero.

“People’s Servant” is red
Nicola Soderlund, co-founder of the agency “Eccho Rights”, said that he was very busy, and people came to ask to buy the copyright because they wanted to broadcast the album.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine, TV operators such as Channel 4 in the UK, ANT1 in Greece, and PRO TV in Romania have all joined Servant of the People, which premiered in Ukraine in 2015. Album copyright snap up ranks.

Soderlen said 15 deals were likely to be finalized last week and talks were under way with 20 other countries. Above the desk hangs posters promoting “Servant of the People”.

“The last thing we’ve heard about is Latin America, and we’re talking to the US, Netflix, in short, a lot of things,” Soderren said.

In Italy alone, there are now 3-4 TV stations bidding for the copyright of “The Servant of the People”; the Greek series is broadcast every night in prime time.

There is solidarity and curiosity
Soderren said of Zelensky that it was in part a solidarity with the Ukrainians, but also out of curiosity to see what kind of person he was.

Zelensky’s international stage status has skyrocketed since the Russian invasion began, impressing the world with his fearless determination in the face of a Russian onslaught.

Soderren met Zelensky for the first time a decade ago, when he was developing a game show called Crack Them Up, where ordinary people try to make comedians laugh. The concept was later sold to Vietnam, China and Finland.

Soderren recalled that they had lunch in Kyiv and Zelensky was full of these crazy and interesting ideas.

Soderren also pulled out his phone to show off a selfie he and Zelensky took in 2016 at the Cannes film fair, an event that coincides with the festival, allowing producers, distributors and buyers to Carry out business.

Times make heroes
Soderren said it was impossible to imagine at the time that this “very funny, very, very popular and beloved comedian” would become a major target of Russian President Vladimir Putin and a world that symbolizes the whole of Ukraine and speaks for the country level leader.

Fredrik af Malmborg, managing director of Eccho Rights, chimed in that after former US President Donald Trump, there needs to be a hero like him.

In the three-season series, Zelensky’s high school teacher was thrust into the presidency after a student videotaped his complaint about Ukraine and posted it on the Internet.

The success of the drama also propelled Zelensky to the Ukrainian presidency in real life.

Marburg recalled that Zelensky always said that in America they had made actors presidents long ago.

While Eccho Rights has not had any ties to Zelensky himself recently, the company has been in touch with some of his representatives. Marburg said one of them fled to Turkey and the other was in Rotterdam, where they still had contact with Zelensky.

Details of the copyright contract being negotiated are confidential, but the royalty fee is said to be “about 1 million euros” (about $1.11 million).

The company, which has about 40 employees in Stockholm, London and Istanbul, has donated 50,000 euros to the Ukrainian Red Cross and plans to donate more as more copyright contracts are signed.

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