Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister publicly named ASUS, wrote to Shi Chongtang to “stop all relations with Russia”

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, has frequently spoken to the world through Twitter, conveying that Ukraine is now bravely resisting the armed invasion of Russia. At a time when the world is paying attention to Ukraine, he also directly used Twitter’s community influence to ask internationally renowned companies and brands to condemn Russia and take practical actions, including the PC maker ASUS, which he directly sent to the chairman. Shi Chongtang’s open letter called on ASUS to terminate any relationship with Russia and stop doing business in the country.

In a tweet sent by Mykhailo Fedorov on the 10th, he not only directly tagged the official ASUS Twitter account and said, “Day 15 of the invasion: Russian tanks and missiles continue to kill peaceful Ukrainians! ASUS, the Russians have no right to use your superb technology! Technology is for peace, not for war,” added an open letter to Chairman Jonney Shih.

The open letter mentioned that Ukraine is now standing on the front line of defending democracy and freedom in the face of the war launched by Russia. Russian armed forces have invaded Ukraine for 10 consecutive days, destroying infrastructure, civilian buildings, and killing innocent civilians, including women and children. It also mentioned that “the IT industry has always supported the values ​​of responsibility and democracy, and we believe that ASUS shares the same values.”

Mykhailo Fedorov, speaking on behalf of Ukraine, called on ASUS to terminate all relations with Russia and stop doing business in the country until Russia stops aggression against Ukraine. He also called on Shi Chongtang, ASUS should stop the relationship with Russian customers and partners, including the supply of hardware and electronic products, and ASUS and its related companies to stop providing technical support to Russia.

The letter also mentioned that many companies from all walks of life around the world have joined the protests in support of Ukraine. In the financial sector, MasterCard and Visa blocked the credit card services of many Russian banks, and Google and Apple’s payment services stopped supporting because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Cards from Russian banks, Oracle, Samsung, Dell, Siemens and others have also suspended all operations in Russia, so I hope that ASUS and its partners will also support such a move. In the end, Mykhailo Fedorov stated that “it is no longer a matter of business, but a matter of peace and life.”

In fact, ASUS has been deeply involved in the Russian market for many years, and its gaming laptops have steadily become the preferred brand of Russian gamers with their ultimate performance, and are firmly in the leading position in the country’s market. 30%, so it’s not hard to see why Mykhailo Fedorov named ASUS for support.

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