Worried about a repeat of the incident of the US military’s Afghan data, Ukraine is preparing to transfer sensitive data

“Reuters” pointed out that Ukraine’s senior cybersecurity official said on the 9th local time that the Ukrainian government is preparing for the possibility of sensitive data and servers being transferred abroad to prevent Russian forces from entering Ukraine and obtaining classified information.

Victor Zhora, deputy head of Ukraine’s State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection, stressed that an emergency response plan was being developed, but said the transfer of data was considered a measure to prepare Ukraine for the threat of Russia’s possible access to classified government files. Victor Zhora pointed out that the plan has several options, including strengthening the protection of Ukraine’s IT infrastructure, as well as the transfer of data and servers to other countries. However, the server is relocated overseas, and it can only be done after the Ukrainian parliamentarians amend the law.

Zhora said that Ukraine has received offers from many countries that are willing to help host the data, but declined to disclose the details, only saying that the geographical location is close, and European countries will be the first choice for data migration. But until then, the idea of ​​moving sensitive Ukrainian data out of Russian-held territory, including mobile servers and mobile storage devices, or the digital migration of data from one server to another, is under consideration.

Even if Ukrainian lawmakers amend the law to remove restrictions on sending confidential data abroad and establish rules for removing IT assets, it does not mean that all or most of Ukraine’s data and/or network equipment will be sent abroad immediately, because the government still has to be specific The situation continued in the country until the final complete evacuation.

The Ukrainian government is so worried that if the Russian army takes control of Ukraine, it is because after the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021, the Taliban army obtained the information left by the U.S. military, learned the personal information of old Afghan officials and spy agents, and arrested these people. A scholar at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden said that Ukraine does not want to establish a regime in exile abroad, which is the key to striving to protect sensitive information.

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