ASUS: Shipments to Russia stalled, donated 30 million to Ukraine

In response to Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov named ASUS, expecting to stop all relations with Russia, ASUS issued a major news statement on the evening of the 14th, emphasizing that shipments to the Russian market have stagnated, and will donate TWD 3,000 10,000 yuan in relief to Ukraine.

ASUS officials pointed out that they are deeply concerned about the escalating humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. ASUS has actively provided assistance to affected colleagues and their families there, and will continue to monitor the progress of the situation. Asus has always been committed to complying with the norms of the countries where it operates, coupled with the complex challenges posed by supply chain, logistics, banking transactions and other factors, shipments to the Russian market have stalled. In order to do its part, ASUS will donate NT$30 million to the “Dedicated Relief Account for Ukraine” of the Disaster Relief Foundation, a consortium.

At a time when the world is paying attention to Ukraine, Mykhailo Fedorov, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, frequently spoke to the world through Twitter, asking internationally renowned companies and brands to condemn Russia and take practical actions, including Asus, a PC giant. factory. In his tweet on the 10th, he not only directly marked the official ASUS Twitter account and said, “Day 15 of the invasion: Russian tanks and missiles continue to kill peaceful Ukrainians! ASUS, the Russians have no right to use your superb technology! Technology! It’s for peace, not for war,” added an open letter to chairman Jonney Shih, calling on ASUS to end any relationship with Russia and stop doing business in the country.

As soon as the news came out, heated discussions were aroused one after another at home and abroad, and domestic consumers also expressed their views of different positions. This matter has received more attention from the government. Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Meihua emphasized on the 14th that in response to the Russian-Ukrainian war, Taiwan and international democratic countries have stood together and have proposed relevant government measures, but it is not convenient for the Ministry of Economic Affairs to comment on individual companies; but as far as she knows, ASUS The relevant business and personnel evacuation has been dealt with in the first time, and it is believed that ASUS should make an overall consideration of the goodwill in response to the speech of the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine. So ASUS, which originally kept a low profile and did not respond, issued a major news statement on the evening of the 14th.

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