Are the left and right earphone firmware different for AirPods? Apple Store associates can assist with quick upgrades

If you are an AirPods headset user, you know that even if Apple releases a firmware update for the headset, it cannot be manually upgraded as quickly as updating the operating system of a mobile phone. It often has to wait for the iPhone and AirPods to “remember” before they are automatically updated. However, some foreign media now point out that starting next week, Apple Store and Apple service authorized manufacturers will get the AirPods firmware update diagnostic tool, and if necessary, update the user’s AirPods headset to the latest firmware.

“MacRumors” pointed out that the new tool allows repair technicians to update the user’s AirPods headphones to the latest firmware in certain cases; for example, if a user’s AirPods earphones are not updated (update fails), or the user loses one earphone, a single Buying a new earphone results in different firmware versions of the two earphones (or charging case), and the technician can manually update the earphone firmware.

However, it seems that not all AirPods headphones can update the firmware in this way. It is certain that AirPods Pro and AirPods 2 can be manually updated; however, the latest AirPods 3 and AirPods Max do not support manual updates.

The firmware upgrade tool can only be used by Apple Store and Apple service authorized manufacturers. In general, users still have to wait for the headset to update the firmware; the conditions for automatic firmware update of AirPods are that the headset is placed in the charging case, connected to a power source for charging, and the AirPods headset is determined to be compatible with The iPhone or iPad has Bluetooth pairing (the iPhone/iPad must maintain a network connection), and the earphones must be placed near the iPhone/iPad. Finally, the AirPods earphones will be updated when they “remember” the update.

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