Google checks water meter, Vanced YouTube shuts down for blocking ads

In addition to paying for the YouTube Premium service, watching YouTube videos is accompanied by certain advertisements, so third-party apps such as “Vanced YouTube” that watch YouTube without advertisements are very popular, allowing many Android users to enjoy free advertising-free experience. However, the developer of “Vanced YouTube” announced on the official Twitter account that the app will be closed and no longer in operation in the next few days, the official website download link will also be removed, and the app will no longer be updated. will face service termination.

“Vanced YouTube” is a third-party app for Android devices that can block ads when watching YouTube videos. It is a favorite of some Android users because it can be installed and used by logging in to a YouTube account for free, without the need for a paid subscription to YouTube Premium. The way is to download the APK file from the official website of Vanced, and install “Vanced microG”, then you can further install “Vanced YouTube” and “YouTube Music Vanced”.

The reason why “Vanced YouTube” is no longer in operation is that Google has launched legal action against this service, and the legal letter sent has made the developer must stop developing and publishing the app. The developer disclosed to foreign media The Verge that it has been Request that Vanced YouTube removes all references to YouTube, changes the logo, and removes all links to YouTube products.

Blocking YouTube ads like this is common, whether through apps, browser extensions, or otherwise, and Vanced YouTube is the latest service to be targeted by Google. Google also forced two Discord music bots, Rythm and Groovy, to stop going online last year, again using technology to block ads, allowing Discord users to listen to music together for free without ads.

Advertisements inserted before and after YouTube videos are a major source of revenue for Google; according to the most recent fourth-quarter earnings report, YouTube advertising revenue exceeded $8.6 billion, accounting for 11.5% of fourth-quarter revenue. Third-party revenue The practice of blocking advertisements by services mostly blocks Google’s revenue; on the other hand, downloading through the official website rather than Google Play is not a mainstream method, and generally speaking, there may be more security concerns, which is not what Google and Android users are happy to see.

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