Climate change impacts, water scarcity is like “liquid gold”

Under the impact of climate change, many places are facing water shortages, and water resources have become like “liquid gold”. Water saving has become a top priority for all parties.

Invesco Water Resources ETF (Invesco Water Resources ETF) rose 1.70% on the 16th to close at $52.06.

Reuters reported on the 17th that nearly half of the world’s population has suffered from severe water shortages at least at some point this year, the United Nations (UN) climate report said. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said a drought in the western U.S. and reduced mountaintop snowpack will make water scarcity worse this summer.

Although the state can now meet the water needs of 6 million residents, the state could face a water deficit of 30 percent by 2050 as population growth and climate impacts intensify, according to the Colorado Water Plan. At the same time, the region experienced its worst drought in a century, with water levels in the Lake Mead storage area, which feeds the Colorado River, plunging to extremely low levels.

With this in mind, some new projects in Colorado have begun to install water reclamation devices that can filter bath water to remove skin cells, soap, and hair from the water, and the treated water is returned to the water pipe and used to flush the toilet. Builder Lennar claims that installing a filtration system from Canadian manufacturer Greyter could cut household water use by a quarter. “Here, water is liquid gold,” said Eric Feder, Lennar’s Colorado state director.

Vertical farming is also prevalent in Colorado, where farmers grow cash crops on rooftops or in indoor greenhouses. This method of farming uses 95% less water than conventional farming and saves on shipping costs because the planting site is closer to where consumers live.

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