Indian prodigy ready to get hairy? Japan’s 316 major events, the date of the great change in April is exposed

“Indian prodigy” Anand (Abhigya Anand) mentioned in the video uploaded on February 24 that the world will be affected by the Indian astrolabe Kalasarpa yoga (kalasarpa yoga), pointing out that March 16 is a key date. Yesterday (16) night, the villagers were still laughing and laughing at the distorted predictions. Unexpectedly, a strong earthquake occurred in Japan, which attracted attention to the April date predicted by Anand.

In the film, released in late February, Anand made predictions about the near-term global economy. Anand pointed out that on March 16, 2022, the originally booming economy will be brought back to reality on this day, bringing the economy back to balance and correcting the situation that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. “On March 16th, something very special will happen,” Anand said. Anand also pointed to a powerful conjunction between Mars and Saturn that would exacerbate the intensity of the economic problems, with a key date of April 4th.

Coincidentally, a 7.3-magnitude earthquake with a depth of 60 kilometers occurred at 11:36 p.m. on the 16th (10:36 in Taiwan) in the waters off Fukushima, northeastern Japan. It is reported that as many as 2.09 million local households in Japan were without power, and the Shinkansen also derailed, causing local residents to panic.

The strong earthquake coincided with the date named by Anand, and the PTT villagers were stunned: “The prediction of the Indian prodigy is a bit accurate! While everyone was still missing on the 16th, nothing happened, and as a result, an earthquake occurred in Japan and the scale was not small.” Some people also began to worry: “The next prophecy is afraid of explosion”, “Will that come true on April 4th?” However, some people pointed out that Anand’s talk on the 16th was aimed at economic issues and not natural disasters: “The Indian prodigy does not say that it is the economy. Is there any way?”, “He didn’t predict earthquakes.”

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