Switchblade out of its sheath, the United States announced an additional $800 million in military aid to Ukraine

After Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky delivered a speech to the U.S. Congress, which was appreciated by the audience, U.S. President Biden immediately announced that he would increase various arms worth $800 million to assist Ukraine, including the new “Switchblade” suicide drone. .

The US media pointed out that this large number of military aid projects will include 800 needle-launched shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles, 1,000 LAWs, 2,000 Javelins, 6,000 AT4 and other anti-armor missiles, and 100 Switchblade suicide drones , a large number of light weapons and 20 million rounds of various ammunition and shells, bulletproof vests and helmets, 25,000 sets each.

Following the British media report last week that NATO had donated more than 17,000 anti-armor missiles to Ukraine, the United States added 9,000 more this time, making Ukraine’s number of anti-armor missiles far more than the main combat vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles sent by the Russian army. sum.

What is special is that the switchblade series of suicide drones with overweight assistance was launched by the American AeroVironemt company in 2011, and the U.S. Special Operations Command has purchased and used since 2017. It is divided into Switchblade 300 and 600 two styles.

Both Switchblade can be fired from a small launch tube and can be easily carried by a single soldier. The 300 series is 61 cm long and weighs 2.7 kg. The explosive power is about the same as a 40 mm grenade. Within kilometers, it can stay in the air for 10 minutes at the longest distance, and after locking on the target, it can dive and attack at a speed of 161 kilometers per hour.

The 600 series weighs 23 kilograms and is equipped with anti-armor warheads, which can destroy various armored vehicles or bunker targets, with a range of 40 kilometers, and stay at the longest distance for 20 minutes. After finding the target, it dives at a speed of 185 kilometers.

The Switchblade series is guided by cameras and GPS, which can be controlled manually by the operator, or pre-set the attack route to find the target and then attack. If the situation changes, the team member can cancel the attack and reset the route at any time.

Because it is powered by an electric motor, the Switchblade flies at a low volume, making it difficult for the enemy to detect and increasing the success rate of surprise attacks.

Compared with the Javelin anti-armor missile with a range of about 4.8 kilometers, the Switchblade suicide drone assisted by the United States this time has a larger range and is also aimed at the most vulnerable top of the armored vehicle. For the Ukrainian army, which lacks air-to-ground attack capabilities, this weapon will bring great help.

Although Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov pointed out yesterday that the two sides have conducted in-depth discussions on Ukraine’s approach to the neutrality model of Sweden or Austria, and are close to completing the agreement, Bloomberg reporters received news from Ukrainian negotiating officials that the actual negotiation situation is still deadlocked, and Russia frequently The news of the peace talks was released to make the West prepare for the smoke bomb of sanctions relief as soon as possible.

Therefore, after this batch of 800 million US dollars of military aid is in hand, the war situation will be more difficult for Russia, and the subsequent negotiation conditions may continue to retreat until Ukraine can accept it.

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