The 16-year-old daughter cried out for abdominal pain in the early morning! Dad was stunned at the following: the head came out halfway

Adolescent boys and girls always have some things on their minds that they don’t want to tell their parents, but it’s best not to hide important things, especially the ones that will definitely be discovered when the time comes. A 29-year-old Australian woman recalled a 16-year-old young and frivolous. At that time, she woke up her sleeping father with a stomachache in the early morning, and almost scared the father into unconsciousness because he did not know that his daughter was pregnant and was about to give birth!

Elle Wood, a 29-year-old mum from Australia, shared her crazy 16-year-old experience on TikTok. Elle became pregnant at the age of 16, but because of her physical condition, her belly did not bulge. She didn’t know that she was pregnant until 7 months into her pregnancy, but she decided to hide it from her family after she found out. Until 4 am one day, Ai Er felt stomach pain and woke up her father: “I’m not feeling well, can you get me some painkillers?”

It turned out that Ai Er didn’t have a stomachache. When her father brought the painkillers, she almost fainted, because Ai Er was in labor and “the baby’s head is half out.” Ai Er said that her father didn’t know she was pregnant until then. Her father helped deliver her granddaughter in a panic, and the baby was born at 4:20.

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