The husband wanted to light a cigarette, the wife was shocked to see him “burning into a fireball” and running around the yard

This man’s life education is really going to be destroyed and retrained! A man in China wanted to change the oil in his car, but he was half addicted to cigarettes, so he took out a lighter and lit a cigarette. The gasoline ignited the man’s “upper body” in an instant, and his wife watched him turn into a fireball and run around the yard.

According to the media “China Daily”, a couple in Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province, China found that the car at home could not run. The husband suspected that the car was filled with inferior oil to cause this situation, so he rolled up his sleeves and wanted to change the oil in the car by himself.

The husband first took out the gasoline from the car and put it in a big pot. During the process, he didn’t find the gasoline splashed on himself. Halfway through the change, he suddenly wanted to smoke, so he took out a lighter and asked for one. Burn your petrol. He was frightened and ran in a panic, but accidentally kicked over the tank full of gasoline, all the gasoline spilled on him, and the fire was out of control.

The wife who was in the house was startled by the loud noise. She went out to check and was horrified by the scene in front of her. “My husband’s upper body was already full of fire, and I saw him rolling on the ground and running around the yard.” The husband was later rushed to the hospital, and he was still in the hospital for observation and treatment due to severe burns.

Tobacco addiction can really kill people. A serious explosion occurred in an underground parking lot in South Korea. The tipping point was that a male employee of a car wash company planned to light a cigarette after getting into the car, but unexpectedly the van he was riding in instantly detonated. Because the parking lot was located in the basement, more than 600 vehicles could not leave quickly, and the explosion affected the vehicles at the scene. The police initially estimated the loss at 1.9 billion won.

According to the Korean media “JTBC News”, an explosion occurred in the underground parking lot of an apartment building in Cheonan, South Chungcheong Province. The police found from the monitor screen that the van of the Daofu Car Washing Company parked in the middle of the road suddenly exploded and caught fire. A male employee in his 30s immediately opened the door and escaped from the driver’s seat. The man’s clothes were devastated and tattered. He hurriedly paced around the car while looking at his mobile phone in a panic. The employee suffered second-degree burns and told police that he just wanted to light a cigarette, but it accidentally exploded.

The fire spread to other vehicles, affecting a total of 666 vehicles in the parking lot, of which 16 vehicles were directly burned, and the fire source box car was burned to only the skeleton. The fire was successfully extinguished within 3 hours, and the residents of the apartment were evacuated to other places. Fortunately, there were no casualties. However, there were several high-end imported cars parked in the basement at that time, and the total loss may exceed 1.9 billion won (about NT$45 million).

The police found a burnt gas cylinder in the trunk of the van, and initially determined that the cause of the explosion was a gas leak from a high-pressure car washer.

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