In addition to sending Ukraine’s star pattern, the United Kingdom will deploy the Tianjian air defense system in Poland

Three weeks after the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the United Kingdom is one of the largest arms supporters in Ukraine other than the United States. In addition to last week’s announcement to support 100 sets of star-patterned shoulder-launched air defense missiles, it also recently announced that it will deploy the newly developed Tianjian air defense system in Poland to reduce Allied air defense burden.

In response to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s repeated calls for NATO allies to continue to support air defense weapons systems, British Defense Minister Ben Wallace handed over the latest air defense weapons to Poland and Ukraine within two weeks to help the front line resist Russian air threats.

The star-patterned missile was launched by Thales Air Defence in Northern Ireland in 1997. It can be launched by a single soldier shoulder-launched, vehicle-launched or ground-mounted in three modes. The body is 1.4 meters, diameter 13 cm, Weight 14 kg.

The star pattern adopts two-stage rocket propulsion. After the second stage rocket starts, the maximum speed can reach Mach 3.5 per hour, which is faster than the American Stinger missile, the Chinese Hongying 6 (HN-6) and the Russian needle 1 (Igla-1). 1) The 2.2~2.5 Mach height is currently the fastest individual air defense missile system in the world.

The star pattern is the same as similar products in other countries. It adopts semi-automatic guidance within the line of sight. After the missile is launched, the shooter needs to keep the sight at the target to guide the missile. Therefore, the faster the missile, the shorter the exposure time of the launch crew.

Sky Sabre is a land-based version of the Common Air Defense Modular Missile (CAMM) developed by MBDA’s British and Italian branches. The CAMM sea-based version of the Sea Ceptor entered service in 2018, the first mass-produced land-based missile. The Sky Sabre only entered service with the British Army in December last year.

CAMM is divided into general version and Zengcheng version (ER), the projectile length is 3.2~4.2 meters, the diameter is 16.6~19 cm, the weight is 99~160 kg, the maximum range is 25~45 kilometers, and the maximum speed is up to Mach 4. It adopts active radar guidance. It belongs to the latest generation of anti-aircraft missile systems.

After the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Poland not only accepted a large number of refugees, but also the border is not far from the big city of Lviv in western Ukraine. The Russian air strikes on the Ussi region have also greatly increased the pressure on Poland’s air defense, so NATO allies are required to support the air defense system.

Although NATO insisted not to set up a no-fly zone in Ukraine’s airspace to avoid a head-on conflict with Russia, the support of a large number of anti-aircraft missiles also put the Russian Air Force and Army helicopters at great threat. Complete air supremacy gives Ukrainian guerrilla action more space.

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