McDonald’s pulls out of Russia, says Russian government to take over

Russia invaded Ukraine and Western countries responded with various sanctions, and a large number of European and American companies withdrew their business in Russia, including McDonald’s, a chain restaurant giant, which decided to close 850 branches in Russia. There is news that the Russian government intends to take over McDonald’s.

The news of McDonald’s retreat in Russia shook the country. The day before McDonald’s was about to close, there were huge crowds everywhere. There are rumors on the Internet that someone bought 61 hamburgers and stuffed them in the refrigerator. The local pianist Luka Zatravkin couldn’t stand the withdrawal of McDonald’s, so he ran to a branch and locked himself directly at the door of the store in an attempt to prevent McDonald’s from closing, attracting many people to watch, and finally Arrested and fined by police.

And Vyacheslav Volodin, the speaker of the Russian Duma, said that McDonald’s is about to close, so let it close! , but never mind, we have Uncle Vanya! Vanya turned out to be a “new restaurant” proposed by Russia to replace McDonald’s. The logo uses the exact same color scheme as the McDonald’s logo, but the big yellow M on the red background is turned 90 degrees clockwise to become a “B”. The B-shaped text is equivalent to “V” in Russian.

Although I do not know whether the accused will infringe, but it does not seem to be a joke. Russia passed a law on March 6 that exempts Russian companies from compensation for infringements by foreign companies, which means that even if McDonald’s really makes a complaint, Russia will probably not accept it. McDonald’s has been included in the list of Russian nationalized companies, and reports indicate that the Russian government is preparing to register the trademark.

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