The National Health and Medical Commission adheres to the general policy of dynamic clearing, and must prevent external imports and internal rebounds

The State Council Information Office held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control this afternoon. Wang Hesheng, deputy director of the National Health Commission and director of the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, pointed out that the National Health and Health Commission and the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention adhere to the general strategy of “foreign defense against imports, internal defense against rebound” and the general policy of “dynamic clearing”.

Wang Hesheng put forward four priorities for epidemic prevention. The first is “quickly carrying out emergency response to the epidemic”. The national expert group will work with the local area to jointly analyze and judge the epidemic situation, study epidemic prevention and control measures, and speed up nucleic acid screening, flow investigation and regional investigation, etc. measures to stop the spread of the epidemic.

The second is to “build a strong line of defense against imported imports”, adhere to the same defense against people, objects, and the environment, strengthen the management of personnel in high-risk positions at ports, strict closed-loop management, encrypt the frequency of nucleic acid testing, and strengthen imported cold chain foods and high-risk non-cold chain items. We will continue to strengthen border port control, strengthen the crackdown on illegal entry and exit activities, and vigorously promote the construction of a joint prevention and control mechanism with land neighbors in border areas, so as to jointly do a good job in border epidemic prevention and cargo clearance.

The third is to “further improve the ability of epidemic prevention and control and epidemic handling”, and implement “reporting every yang, every yang, checking upon receipt of reports, and screening first” after the initial nucleic acid screening test, and standardize the investigation of risk personnel after the outbreak. , close contact management, risk area delineation, etc., while adhering to both Chinese and Western medicine, and strengthening nucleic acid testing capabilities, the national overall testing capacity must exceed 40 million times a day.

Finally, “do a good job of vaccination”, in accordance with the principles of informed, consent and voluntary, guide all localities to promote the new crown virus vaccination and strengthen the immunization work in a stable and orderly manner, and continuously improve the coverage of vaccination.

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