Tokyo will welcome the first batch of Ukrainian refugees to provide up to 700 resettlement apartments

Japan actively participated in the sanctions against Russia and the rescue of Ukraine. Tokyo Metropolitan Government will welcome the first Ukrainian refugees and will provide them with apartments. A survey released Monday by public broadcaster NHK found that 85 percent supported accepting displaced people from Ukraine.

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike told Bloomberg: “We are receiving people from Ukraine today, and cities around the world must cooperate to solve global problems that threaten people’s lives.” Koike said the government treats Ukrainian arrivals as evacuees, while the Not refugees, they will be initially housed in hotels and then transferred to apartments under the management of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Koike did not specify the number of people accepted.

The Nikkei reported last week that Tokyo will offer 100 apartments first, with a possible increase to as many as 700. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s government has passed a series of sanctions in a show of solidarity with the United States and Europe, while setting up a task force to coordinate proposals by local governments to take in Ukrainian evacuees.

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