The threat of needles is great, and Russian helicopters change the way rockets are launched

With the influx of various NATO shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missile systems to support Ukraine, posing a great threat to Russian helicopters and low-altitude attack aircraft, there are currently videos on social networking sites showing that Russian attack helicopters have switched to a more secure attack method to avoid was shot down.

In the film, the Russian army uses a Ka-52 Alligator and Mi-28N Havoc attack helicopters to move forward in a low-flying manner, climb quickly before attacking, and launch heat-induced bombs and S- 8 rockets, then a quick left turn to return home.

This attack method first appeared in the teaching of the Mi-24 attack helicopter during the East German period. Many years ago, in the interview video of Russian TV (RT), there were also relevant training pictures, which showed that it was one of the standard tactics inherited from the Soviet era.

The advantage of using the climbing method to launch unguided rockets is that the range can be increased, but the disadvantage is that the accuracy will be greatly reduced, and the tail speed will be reduced due to the lengthening of the range, and the probability of unexploded bombs will also increase.

Although the Russian Ka-52 and Mi-28N have more advanced firing control computers that can assist in calculating the elevation angle of the rocket, but because the unguided rocket is easily affected by the wind direction or other factors, the parabolic launch will still reduce the accuracy. .

Even though the accuracy is degraded by the parabolic launch method, the S-8 rocket can effectively cover a large area and carry out indiscriminate attacks on people, buildings and light-wheelers.

In 2018, the Russian army also developed a laser-guided rocket kit similar to the U.S. APKWS, numbered S-8OFP, with a range increased from 4.5 kilometers to 6 kilometers, but due to the short launch time and high price, the number should not be enough to support It is a long-term war, so it should still be dominated by the traditional version.

According to the calculation of the destruction video that has been circulated in the media, it can be confirmed that the loss of Russian helicopters has reached 32. Therefore, the Ukrainian army has a large number of shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles, forcing the Russian attack helicopters to use a safer way to fire, because the stinger missiles can reach a range of 4.8 kilometers, if the traditional S-8 rocket is used, it is bound to use the parabolic launch method to increase the range to avoid being attacked by the needle.

Judging from the degree of damage to Ukraine’s front-line cities and the capital Kyiv, the main purpose of the Russian army’s use of parabolic launch of S-8 rockets should be to increase the psychological pressure of the Ukrainian military and civilians through indiscriminate bombing and to reach a ceasefire agreement as soon as possible.

At present, the ceasefire negotiations between the two sides are still ongoing, and Ukraine has rejected Russia’s proposed model of Swedish or Austrian neutrality, so the war is still expected to continue for several weeks until the two sides reach a consensus.

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