Ukraine expands digital information war, calls on more than 200 tech companies to fight against Russia

According to the Nikkei, the Russian-Ukrainian war continues to rage in the physical and information battlefields. Ukraine is now expanding its digital anti-Russian campaign, requiring more than 200 companies in the technology industry to stand up against Russia to give it an advantage in the competitive environment.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation’s strategy is mainly by lobbying tech companies to stop doing business in Russia, dampening their morale or cutting off fake news at its root. The department set up a fundraising website on Monday to accept cryptocurrency donations and raised more than $50 million in half a day after the Twitter post.

At the same time, Ukraine also recruited volunteer hackers and information security experts to participate in the war. On February 26, it announced the establishment of the “Ukrainian IT Army”, which receives tasks through Telegram every day. conduct a cyber attack.

Although most believed that the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, would fall within days of the Russian invasion, it was in fact still in Ukrainian hands. According to Peter Singer, a professor at Arizona State University’s Center for Future Warfare, Ukraine has “successfully turned the tide of Russian information warfare.”

But the report pointed out that the results of the national technology war are quite limited, because the international organization responsible for coordinating the Internet’s domain name system refuses to intervene, so Ukraine cannot cut off the Russian and international Internet.

At present, Microsoft, Google and Amazon have suspended the sale of new cloud computing contracts in Russia, but continue to provide cooperation with existing customers to avoid closing existing cloud computing facilities.

At the same time, because mainstream social media such as Facebook are blocked, Russians may be moved to places where fake news is more likely to spread. Russian social network Vkontakte noted on Monday that its daily audience reached 50 million users, a record high. Many fear that Russia may become like China in an online world with opaque information.

The Nikkei believes that the Russian-Ukrainian war has also made the world realize that technological products and services have been weaponized, highlighting the responsibilities that companies should assume in this situation and the difficult choices they often face.

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