Steam Deck Gets New, Will Support Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gaming

After the long-awaited Steam Deck was officially launched, it was quickly compared with the Nintendo Switch, which occupies the handheld game console market. In terms of the number of games, Microsoft recently announced that it will be based on Microsoft Edge, making Xbox Live Gaming available. Support Steam Deck.

Valve, which created the classic games “Tremor Time and Space” and “Absolute Force” series, is also the operator of the PC game platform overlord Steam. Over the years, there have been rumors that a handheld game console will be launched, and it was not officially released until the end of last year. and launched earlier this year.

Steam Deck uses AMD Zen2 architecture, 2.4~3.5GHz processor, with 16GB LPDDR5 memory, and is divided into 64GB low-end version, 256GB high-end version and 512GB top version according to the hard disk capacity.

The host body adopts a 7-inch screen with a resolution of 1280X800, and can be connected to a 4K resolution TV or monitor.

In terms of game software, because Steam itself has a huge number of games, it gives Deck a good starting space, but Valve still further cooperates with Microsoft to increase its competitiveness with Nintendo Switch.

Catherin Gluckstein, Microsoft’s Xbox cloud gaming manager, said it is accelerating its partnership with Valve to add Xbox Live features to Steam Deck, allowing players to play classic games like Halo on the handheld console.

This feature is currently in beta testing, and there are detailed instructions on how to install it on the Steam Deck on the Microsoft support site, so players who have a console in hand can try it out first.

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