Another semiconductor executive leaves China, and former UMC CEO Sun Shiwei leaves Wuhan Xinxin

Recently, there have been news of retirement and resignation from Taiwan’s semiconductor industry executives Gao Qiquan and Jiang Shangyi who have gone to China to develop, and some heavyweights have left the Chinese semiconductor market. Print media reported that Sun Shiwei, the former vice chairman and CEO of UMC, also recently left Wuhan Xinxin, China, and resigned as the general manager and CEO, ending the five-year development of China’s semiconductor industry.

Sun Shiwei, who had held important positions such as chief operating officer, chief executive officer and vice chairman during UMC’s tenure, announced in 2017 that he would join China Unisplendour Group as the global executive vice president. Until August 2019, he was transferred to Wuhan Xinxin, a subsidiary of Tsinghua Unigroup, and took over as general manager and CEO. Market sources said that Sun Shiwei officially left Wuhan Xinxin two months ago because the contract expired and he did not renew his contract, and he had returned to Taiwan to officially retire.

Market participants further pointed out that although the Chinese semiconductor industry continues to have strong government support, it is actively restricted by the United States, and even imposes sanctions from time to time, and the development space is limited. As a result, the former Taiwanese semiconductor executives who entered China have gradually left the Chinese market in the near future. The attractiveness of China’s semiconductor market to Taiwan’s high-level semiconductor talents is gradually fading.

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