Regardless of the ups and downs, the big ethereum smashed hundreds of millions to buy boring ape coins Apecoin

One of the most well-known products in the NFT world is the Boring Ape series. After the launch of the ape coin Apecoin last week, it immediately triggered a wave of explosive purchases, and then plummeted. However, the giant ethereum whales seem to be full of confidence and continue to buy without reluctance.

The Bored Ape series is one of the most valuable collectibles in the NFT world, and it is also a popular product that celebrities are buying. 500 yuan, the momentum is hot.

However, it returned to calm after a weekend and quickly fell back to the 300 yuan range. Some people think that this kind of bubble speculation is not credible, but during this period, the ethereum whale has a firm belief and continues to buy Apecoin that exceeds 100 million yuan.

According to blockchain data, currently the tenth largest ether holder in the world has purchased about 300,000 Apecoins at a cost of about US$4.2 million, equivalent to NT$120 million. Interestingly, another wallet owner, currently the 20th largest ethereum whale in the world, also bought the same amount of Apecoin at the same time. The two bought a total of 600,000 Apecoins, worth $6.6 million.

Apecoin is the governance token of the APE ecosystem. According to the issuer, Apecoin will be the participation certificate for decentralized governance, as well as the admission certificate for related games and services. A total of 1 billion tokens were issued, and about 30.25% of the tokens entered the market on March 17, the launch day.

Although the value of Apecoin is not as good as expected before the launch, the transaction volume is impressive. According to the data of WhaleStats, a large-scale monitor, Apecoin has become the top 10 trading target among the world’s 1,000 largest ether holders. At the same time, Apecoin is also a smart contract (Smart Contract). The most used cryptocurrency with a 10.31% usage rate in the last 24 hours.

With a trading volume of $2 billion in the past 24 hours and a market cap of $2.8 billion, Apecoin is currently the 47th largest cryptocurrency.

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