24-hour “printing” of good houses for as little as a car

Regardless of whether it is a commercial building or a private residence, it takes a long time to build a house, which may take 3 to 6 months, or it may be as long as a year. But the house described below will only take one day to build.

Japanese company Serendix used 3D technology to print out a 20-ton reinforced concrete frame in 3 hours, and after 23 hours and 12 minutes of automated construction, the sturdy spherical house SPHERE House was built.

In fact, there are examples of 3D printing houses all over the world. In February 2021, the first 3D-printed houses in the United States launched in New York, and in April 2021, the Netherlands also offered 3D-printed rental houses, and the Middle East and other places are also actively 3D-printed houses.

Serendix’s 3D-printed spherical house SPHERE House was designed by Japanese architect Masayuki Sono, who won the NASA 3-D Printed Habitat Challenge (3D-printed Habitat) in 2015. It is about 10 square meters. Although the construction time is very short, “Full of internal organs”.

With the advantages of the physical structure of the sphere, SPHERE House can be integrated into a variety of environments, and is also protected from natural disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons. Its performance even reaches European insulation standards and Japan’s high seismic standards. It adopts advanced 3D printers and robots. The completed design, construction workers can also be minimized.

Serendix has started 3D printing housing projects in 2019. One of the important reasons for choosing this direction is the reduction of woodwork, especially in Japan, which makes traditional house construction more expensive.

In terms of cost, the spherical structure of SPHERE House is characterized by the lowest surface area, and the one-piece molding design can also reduce the amount of building materials, so the cost of 3D printing houses is not high. The current cost is about 3 million yen, which is similar to the price of a new car. And Serendix hopes to be more automated in the future, reducing construction time and cost, and also plans to build 30 ping (about 99 square meters) houses through 3D printing technology.

The 24-hour cover of SPHERE House is an eye-catching design, strong quality, and saves cost and time. Cost-effective means more versatile, can be used as camping tents, can also be used as holiday cabins, if a large-scale natural disaster occurs, it can be used as a temporary shelter or house.

Expensive, decades-long mortgages… Buying a house is actually a major problem that plagues modern people. Of course, there are many factors to consider, but 3D printing SPHERE House represents another possibility – as long as the price of a car, maybe Can buy a house.

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