The iPhone 14 has not been launched yet, and the iPhone 15 Pro is rumored to be equipped with Samsung’s under-screen lens technology

At present, the focus of the mobile phone market is on Apple’s new iPhone 14 series in the second half of the year, but before the new phone was launched, South Korean media reported that Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro in the second half of next year will use Samsung Display’s (SDC) under-screen facial recognition technology. That is to say, the Face ID lens of the iPhone 15 Pro is expected to be hidden under the display screen from next year.

South Korean media “The Elec” pointed out that SDC is developing new under-screen lens technology for customers, which can hide the Face ID lens under the display of the new machine. However, the new technology will not be adopted by Apple first. SDC may be used for Samsung’s folding machine next year, and then it will be the turn of the iPhone 15 Pro.

The change in the shape of the front lens of the iPhone has always attracted the attention of the outside world, because Apple has maintained the bangs design since the iPhone X models; now most people believe that this year’s iPhone 14 Pro series front lenses may abandon the bangs design and use perforation and Pill-shaped front lens module design.

If the iPhone 15 Pro really uses under-screen facial recognition technology, the sensors hidden under the panel will be hidden when the user is not using Face ID.

“The Elec” believes that this new technology was developed by Samsung in cooperation with OTI Lumionics, a Canadian developer of advanced materials for consumer electronics, using metal coatings such as cathode mask materials.

Another South Korean panel maker, LG Display, is also developing under-screen lens technology, aiming to increase the rear panel transmittance to over 40% by 2024.

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