Kingston: Still optimistic about the memory market in 2022, the company is growing as expected

Kingston, a global manufacturer of memory modules and related products, pointed out that even in the high base period of 2021, coupled with the slowdown of the epidemic in 2022, and the opening of countries in various countries, the demand for computer products necessary for working from home is showing signs of weakening. However, Kingston’s market size is ahead of other competitors, and its products are used in diversified fields. The company’s products DRAM and NAND Flash will still grow as expected in 2022.

Kingston announced today that it has established the world’s first Kingston FURY gaming laboratory in Hsinchu. Through a series of solutions based on the game dimension, it will promote the continuous innovation of its Kingston FURY gaming memory and SSD product lines, enabling future products Development is closely aligned with consumer application scenarios to provide players with a more extreme gaming experience. The e-sports market will also be a field of development and high growth for Kingston, and will continue to invest more resources.

Regarding the memory market, Kingston does not deny that the shortage of CPUs or GPUs has caused long and short materials, which has indeed reduced the demand for memory in the DIY field of the e-sports market, partially impacting the market price. However, the supply of CPUs and GPUs is relatively stable. Although the market demand for memory products has not seen an immediate increase, the flow rate of destocking has indeed accelerated.

The signs of market recovery are not only due to the relatively stable supply of CPU or GPU, but also due to the stable epidemic situation in many countries, and the gradual opening of the country has made the demand for equipment such as laptops necessary for working from home lower than before, and the tight market supply has gradually eased. Kingston has a high market share and more diverse applications. Compared with competitors, fluctuations in demand for a single product will not affect the expected growth of Kingston’s overall market. As for the overall performance forecast in 2022, the growth target is still sustainable.

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