The red chain is eyeing, LGD, Samsung OLED market share may be divided by BOE

Since BOE, a major Chinese panel maker, became a supplier to Apple, it has rapidly penetrated into the high-end OLED panel market, threatening the market share of Samsung Display and LG Display (LGD).

Market research firm Stone Partners pointed out on Wednesday (23rd) that BOE’s flexible OLED shipments in the first quarter are expected to reach 20.2 million units, an increase of 74% over the same period last year, and since the first quarter of last year, shipments have increased every quarter. Steady growth. As for BOE’s flexible OLED market share, it is expected to grow by 6.1% to 21.8% in the first quarter.

As for the flexible OLED leader Samsung Display, there is also the opportunity to increase shipments, which are estimated to grow by 17% to 52.2 million units in the first quarter. However, with the fierce attack of BOE, Samsung Display’s market share is likely to be affected, and it is expected to decrease by 3.8% to 56.5% in the first quarter; LG Display’s market share is also expected to decline from 16.7% to 10.1%.

Korean media Business Korea pointed out that when BOE entered the small and medium-sized OLED panel market, it chose to skip the current rigid OLED market and directly enter the flexible OLED market. By the end of 2020, BOE has entered the supply chain of Pinguo, and the supply has increased rapidly since last year, closely following the top-ranked Samsung Display.

Although BOE continues to divide up the market share, the current OLED panel production yield rate is only 70% to 80%, which is lower than 90% of Samsung Display. However, the report also believes that if BOE strengthens research and development and expands production capacity, there is a great chance that it will surpass the South Korean companies.

In fact, due to the Chinese government’s vigorous efforts to support local panel factories, Chinese manufacturers are rushing to buy orders at low prices, and the price of large LCD panels has dropped sharply. Samsung Display has gradually withdrawn from the large LCD panel business, which has also allowed BOE to make up for its vacancies and become a major supplier. This time BOE divides up the OLED market share of Samsung Display and LG Display, and it is difficult to ensure that the red chain threat will be staged again.

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