Nichicon will rise by 10%, another wave of aluminum and electricity price hikes

Nichicon, the Japanese leader in aluminum and electricity, has announced that it will increase all items by 10% from April 15 to reflect the wildly soaring costs; product prices continue to follow the upward trend of raw materials in the aluminum and electricity industry. Again and again! Although Taiwan factories have different reactions, the trend of aluminum and electricity prices continuing to rise with costs will continue.

Kaimei said that it has been continuously talking with customers; Lilong has already talked with customers about the same, but will first observe whether the Japanese factory has successfully raised prices, and then decide according to market conditions, and will not follow up immediately; Kingsoft will not follow up because of It just went up in the fourth quarter of last year, and it is impossible to go up every quarter; Yubang has no price increases or plans.

Nippon Chemi-Con, the leader in the domestic passive component channel, pointed out at the end of last year that due to the continuous rise in the cost of upstream raw materials such as aluminum foil, Nippon Chemi-Con, the largest aluminum electrolytic capacitor manufacturer in Japan, took the cost of raw materials and China’s power cut in September last year. . The price increase of electricity price has greatly increased the cost. It is proposed to the market that the cost must be reflected in the price. Although the range varies according to different customers and different products, it is at least a price increase of more than 5%.

A large proportion of the cost of aluminum capacitors is in aluminum foil, and aluminum foil needs to be electroplated. In addition to the increase in electricity prices, it is also due to the high pollution caused by electroplating, and the environmental protection related fees charged are also high. Nippon Trade said that in addition, many aluminum power plants electroplating aluminum foil and producing capacitors are not the same In addition, the surge in freight costs has also brought cost pressure. Not only Japanese but also Taiwanese companies have increased costs a lot. Aluminum and electric companies have discussed price increases with end customers, but the price increases of each industry are not the same.

In the face of the price increase in the Japanese industry, Lelong said that it has already talked with customers about the same, but will observe the results of the Japanese price increase, and will not follow up immediately, so there is currently no specific price increase time point and extent. The main reason for the Japanese price increase this time should be the increase in the price of aluminum foil. Therefore, we will first observe whether the Japanese price increase is successful, and then Lelong will decide whether to follow up according to the market situation; as to whether there will be a transfer order due to the price increase of the Japanese factory? Lilong pointed out that customers with limited use of Japanese aluminum and power will not necessarily transfer orders due to price increases, and lack of materials is the biggest factor in transferring orders.

Kaimei also said that there are discussions with customers, but it will not be comprehensive. It will be adjusted according to the situation of individual customers, that is, the increase will not be consistent with the time point. In fact, there are usually continuous discussions, after all, the price of aluminum has been rising.

If the price of aluminum and electricity is raised due to the price increase of aluminum foil, how long will this continuous performance last? Since Nichicon is going to increase the price this time, Lidun, an aluminum foil factory located in the upstream of aluminum and electricity, has no reason to follow up because of the downstream price increase. However, Lidun said that the international aluminum price has risen to a high level due to the Russian-Ukrainian war. Perhaps the supply of aluminum raw foil has not been relatively tight in the second half of last year, but China’s increase in electricity tariffs at the end of last year affected gross profit. In the first quarter of this year, we will continue to strive for a reasonable response to customers who have not adjusted the unit price of aluminum foil last year. However, because it is a small number of customers The adjustment will not have a significant impact on the overall average unit price. In the future, the proportion of self-produced foil will be increased to maintain gross profit performance.

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