Starlink announces price increase, upfront fee for new customers raised to $710

In recent days, due to inflation, Starlink, a company owned by SpaceX, has also raised prices. Starlink emailed customers that it would adjust all fees including deposits and monthly service fees, but users could cancel their subscriptions during the first year and receive a refund.

Starlink pointed out that the antenna terminal equipment for new users has increased from US$499 (about NT$14,277) to US$599 (about NT$17,139), and the monthly fee has also increased from US$99 (about NT$2,834) per month to US$110 (about NT$2,834). NT$3,148). The above price increase applies to existing users, while the prepaid fee for new customers has increased from US$600 (approximately TWD 17,167) to US$ 710 (approximately TWD 20,314). Starlink said: “The price adjustment is to keep up with the pace of inflation.” If old Starlink users are dissatisfied with the price increase, they can cancel the service and send the equipment back within a year, and can get a partial refund of $200. Users who receive less than one month of installation will receive a refund of the amount.

Foreign media pointed out that Starlink has been facing bottlenecks in reducing antenna costs, and SpaceX CEO Musk once said on Twitter that electric vehicle brands Tesla and SpaceX have recently experienced huge inflationary pressures in raw materials and logistics, perhaps The Starlink markup is related to the above event.

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