After the war between Russia and Ukraine, the second country flicks its tail, and Canada announces that it will purchase F-35 fighter jets

Since Russia and Ukraine went to war on February 24, Germany immediately decided to purchase 35 F-35 fighter jets to replace the Tornado. Yesterday, Canada also changed its attitude since 2012 and announced that it would purchase 88 F-35s to replace the old CF-18A/B. with the F/A-18A/B fighter.

In the F-35 development stage, Canada has invested 150 million US dollars in the JSF program.

However, in 2012, the country cancelled the procurement case because the price was too high, which made the bidding case have to run again. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in 2015 that he would seek fighter jets other than the F-35 as an alternative, so The Canadian fighter jet bidding case has been in operation for many years.

After eliminating the French Rafale and European Typhoon fighters, the Boeing-proposed F/A-18E/F Block III Super Hornet was also eliminated in December last year, leaving the F-35A and the Swedish JAS-39E Griffin. The (Gripen-E) fighter enters the final stage.

Yesterday, Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand announced that the country will spend 19 billion Canadian dollars (about 15.2 billion U.S. dollars) to purchase 88 F-35As to replace a total of 93 CF-18A/B and F/A-18A/B in active duty. .

Annand said the Canadian and U.S. governments and Lockheed Martin would move to the final stages of the procurement process after “rigorous evaluation and discussion,” while the Canadian military would improve two current major air bases, Cypress in Quebec. Bogotvill and Cold Lake in Alberta to ensure smooth future operations of the F-35A.

In terms of the candidate models of this bidding case, the F-35, as the only fifth-generation stealth fighter, is technically superior to the other four-and-a-half-generation fighters, but considering the JAS-39E in the final selection stage, it is obviously a Considering the budget, it is believed that the JAS-39E with the lowest overall price can meet the needs of Canadian air defense.

After the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, not only European countries hurriedly rearmed their armaments, but it also quickly shortened the Canadian government’s consideration of choosing a new fighter aircraft. The F-35A’s technological and combat advantages immediately became the most important consideration at this time.

Canada’s largest military investment in three decades is expected to begin receiving its first F-35As in 2025, making it the 17th country to field the Lightning II.

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