Mercedes-Benz electric car EQG launch time confirmed, expected to go on sale in 2024

In recent years, Mercedes-Benz has continued to expand the electric vehicle market. Last year, it showed the first EQG concept car at the “2021 IAA Munich Motor Show”. A few days ago, the CEO of Mercedes-Benz finally revealed the launch date of this electric off-road vehicle. In 2024, the G Class will be officially added to the sales ranks of the EQ series of electric vehicles.

It was previously rumored that the EQG electric off-road vehicle would not be launched until 2024. CEO Ola Kallenius personally confirmed in an interview with foreign media that the EQG is indeed planned to be launched in 2024. The reason for the wait is that Mercedes intends to focus on production of new models such as this year’s EQE SUV and EQS SUV first.

The EQG is not built on a new electric vehicle platform, but based on the G-Class chassis. It is expected that the EQG will have a ladder-type girder structure chassis. Mercedes has also said that the EQG is equipped with four independently operating electric motors and a two-speed gearbox to ensure that the EQG has the same off-road capability as the G-Class series. It is also rumored that the EQG will use a 107.8kWh battery pack. While the engineers will do their best to improve the aerodynamics, the size and weight will be a huge challenge to achieve a premium range.

Recently, Mercedes announced that it will cooperate with Envision Power (AESC), a Chinese smart battery technology company, to set up a battery factory and an automobile assembly plant to provide power batteries and modules for the new generation of Mercedes-Benz pure electric SUVs EQS and EQE. The EQE SUV is expected to join the production line by the end of this year, with the EQG launching in 2024.

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