5G mobile phone sales slow down, Qualcomm, MediaTek 5G mobile processors may cut prices to seize market share

Market news shows that with the expansion of 5G commercial networks and the large-scale launch of 5G mobile phones by smartphone manufacturers, more and more consumers are using 5G mobile phones, and the market demand for 5G mobile phones is getting higher and higher. device requirements. Market competition has intensified, and there are rumors that Qualcomm and MediaTek may cut prices to grab market share.

MediaTek and Qualcomm are the main manufacturers of 5G mobile processors for smartphones in the world. According to statistics, although MediaTek has the upper hand in the mobile processor market, Qualcomm still dominates the shipments of 5G mobile processors, and the competition between the two continues to be fierce. The two have launched a variety of 5G mobile processors. With the increase in market demand, in addition to boosting performance, it is inevitable to compete for market share from each other.

Therefore, MediaTek and Qualcomm’s 5G mobile processor quotations are expected to drop in the next quarter. According to market estimates, the key to the two price cuts may be an attempt to win customers’ favor and get more orders through price wars. Both market participants and analysts expect that the increase in inflationary pressure will weaken consumers’ spending power, and 5G mobile phone sales will slow down. It will also cause mobile phone manufacturers to reduce the number of 5G mobile processors purchased to reduce inventory pressure and reduce prices to have the opportunity to obtain new orders. .

If MediaTek and Qualcomm’s 5G mobile processor quotations are really lowered, it will not be negative for suppliers. At this time, there may be large-scale purchases of mobile phone manufacturers to cope with the large demand when the market recovers, but short-term profits may be unavoidable.

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