The project is too large, and the bidding time for the US military’s joint operations cloud system is extended

The U.S. Pentagon recently announced that the U.S. military’s joint cloud combat system, which was bid by four large U.S. technology companies, was unable to announce the winning bidder as originally scheduled in April due to the huge scale of the development project, and it is expected to be delayed until the middle of next year.

The “Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability” (JWCC) program, jointly bid by Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Oracle, will build a common combat cloud system for the US military based on commercial cloud technology and integrate various military services. information and weapons platforms to achieve more precise joint communication, command and combat capabilities.

This $9 billion contract has attracted fierce competition among major tech giants in Silicon Valley. JWCC evolved from the “Joint Enterprise Defence Infrastructure” (JEDI) program previously referred to as “Jedi”. The original JEDI plan was obtained by Microsoft, but Amazon fiercely protested that the bidding process was unfair, and initiated a lawsuit against the US government.

Therefore, after the JEDI project was shelved, the Pentagon re-initiated the JWCC project and ran the bidding process again. However, due to the huge scale of the project, it was originally planned to announce the winning bidders next month, but the development progress of the four bidders is currently behind. Therefore, The announcement will be postponed until the middle of next year.

“There was no problem with the development of JWCC, but the bidders felt that the original schedule was too urgent, so the Department of Defense decided to extend the bidding time.” Pentagon Chief Information Officer (CIO) John Shermen said in response to the media, The JWCC program is expected to be divided into four contracts worth a total of $9 billion.

Deputy Chief Information Officer Danielle Metz pointed out that all non-confidential information and related services are expected to be online immediately after the bidding results are made public. Information with a confidential level below level 6 will be released within 60 days, and top secret information will be released within 60 days. All online in 180 days.

The purpose of developing JWCC is to introduce the cloud technology capabilities and services of top technology companies into the U.S. military’s command, communication and combat network, so that the U.S. military has cloud technology comparable to that of the Silicon Valley giants, and can work with these companies to strengthen information security.

In 2019, Amazon believed that the then President Trump, because of personal grudges between himself and CEO Jeff Bezos, lost Amazon, the most vocal in the original JEDI case, to Microsoft, so he launched a lawsuit to protest, which made the whole case. It’s all over again, so when the winning bidder is announced in the middle of next year, it shouldn’t be expected to be as dramatic as the JEDI case.

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