Meta is planning a nationwide campaign against TikTok

According to news on March 31, Facebook parent company Meta is working with Targeted Victory, one of the largest Republican consulting firms in the United States, to plan a national anti-TikTok campaign.

The Washington Post quoted the Targeted Victory letter as saying that TikTok was cracked down through the media and lobbying, describing it as a threat to children and society as a whole. Targeted Victory asks partners: “Do you have any bad TikTok trends or stories over there?” “Preferably something like ‘From Dance to Harm: How TikTok Became the Worst Social Media for Kids’.”

In another February letter, a director of Targeted Victory said that “information needs to be spread, and although Meta is now the target of public criticism, TikTok is actually the real threat.”

Targeted Victory also encouraged political candidates to use TikTok’s popularity to deflect Meta’s privacy and antitrust concerns. Targeted Victory has signed dozens of public relations firms in the U.S. to help influence public perception of TikTok. In addition to inserting local news reports, it also publishes TikTok-targeted columns across the country, especially in key congressional districts.

Targeted Victory declined to answer the question, saying only that it has worked with Meta for several years and is “proud of the work we do.”

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