Microsoft’s new cross-border e-commerce platform Buy with Microsoft

According to Pinwan English Station, Microsoft is about to launch its first cross-border e-commerce platform, Buy with Microsoft. The platform has started internal testing since March 22 and is expected to be launched in April and May. At present, the official categories mainly focus on household goods, 3C, clothing and shoes, electronic accessories, gardening tools, etc., and common consumer goods will be opened one after another in the future. According to Microsoft’s official introduction, the platform aims to serve many high-quality cross-border seller groups.

The Microsoft e-commerce platform has certain requirements for settled merchants, including online or offline sales of more than 1 million US dollars, a trademark registration certificate or brand/IP authorization certificate, high product quality, and a return rate of less than 5% (non-clothing shoes and boots). products) or 15% (clothing and footwear products), etc. Currently, the platform requires merchants to waive shipping costs; it does not support communication between buyers and sellers for the time being.

The Buy with Microsoft platform is currently in the commission-free stage, and the platform will also have a dedicated seller manager to provide merchant support for a series of on-boarding training, such as store opening, product selection, and product selection, to help sellers clear their doubts.

In terms of traffic support, Microsoft said that it will combine more with the existing ecology, such as Microsoft’s Bing shopping channel, Edge browser, MSN news channel and Window, and Bing Shopping will also be used as an advertising window to attract traffic. If the seller has launched a product on the platform, he can get free promotion at the current stage. At the same time, the orange shopping cart on Edge’s new tab page can push the flow of goods to consumers who are browsing the page.

In 2020, Microsoft launched Dynamics 365 Commerce, an AI-based retail solution that helps merchants build websites, connect physical and online stores, track customer behavior and requirements, and more.

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