Microsoft’s official Twitter teaches you how to clean up your computer, but the picture is with the M1 iMac

Microsoft (Microsoft) recently posted on its official Twitter that it wants to teach Windows users how to clean up their computers safely and smoothly, but there is a large package of pictures; the pictures used by Microsoft’s official Twitter turned out to be rival Apple’s iMac computer, and the green case means that this iMac is a product with an M1 chip and can’t natively run the Windows operating system.

Although this post has been deleted, it can still be viewed through the history.

The post originally read “Spring cleaning? Microsoft’s Carmen Zlateff tips you how to clean and operate your device safely and smoothly.” A link was attached to the back of the text to guide users to the instructional article.

But the person who posted this post probably didn’t realize what was wrong with the image they used, so it included a photo of someone using an iMac instead of a Windows PC.

However, in fact, the previous Intel (Intel) version of the Mac can run the Windows operating system through Boot Camp; just from this picture, it can be seen that the iMac case is green, which is obviously an M1 iMac , and therefore cannot run the Windows operating system natively.

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