TV panel quotations remain flat or continue to fall; IT panels remain weak

The protracted war between Russia and Ukraine, coupled with interest rate hikes and inflationary pressures in various countries, rising raw material costs, and unstable supply chains, etc., lead to the TFT-LCD liquid crystal panel market with many variables in terminal demand and unsatisfactory conditions for supplying parties. As a result, TV panel quotations remained flat or continued to fall, while IT panel prices remained weak.

The display exhibition Touch Taiwan will be held on April 27-29. In addition to new technologies such as Micro LED, the views of AUO and Innolux on the panel market are also expected to be the focus. AUO will hold a corporate briefing on April 26, at which time it will announce its financial results and present its operating outlook for the second quarter.

According to the survey, since April this year, the quotations of NB panels for notebook computers have fallen by 5%-8%, and the quotations of monitor panels of desktop monitors have fallen by about 3%-8%, and the price pressure is still great. The main reason is that the total end demand is weakening.

After several consecutive months of sharp decline in TV panels, with the decline in the inventory level of downstream channels and brand customers, the quotations of mainstream TV panels including 32-inch, 43-inch, 55-inch, etc. have recently stopped falling or entered a relatively stable state. As for 75-inch and other larger The price of TV panels of different sizes continued to fall.

On the whole, although the large panel manufacturers have successively lowered the production capacity utilization rate and reduced the output and supply of various application panels since the beginning of this year in response to the changing situation, the LCD panel is in the buyer’s market in the short term due to the cooling of the terminal demand. It seems that it is easy to fall and difficult to rise.

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