Eliminate GOS controversy, Samsung will push Galaxy mobile phone exclusive processor

When it comes to Samsung’s own processors in mobile phones, the first thing that comes to mind is the Exynos chip, but in fact, this chip is not only used in Samsung mobile phones, such as the Chinese mobile phone brand vivo The Exynos processor was used. However, when Samsung President Lu Taiwen was recently at the Samsung Town Hall meeting, when faced with questions from employees about how to solve the game optimization service (GOS) application dispute, Lu Taiwen responded directly, and will create a unique application processor (application processor) for Galaxy phones. AP) to address this problem head-on.

Samsung’s GOS controversy is because it was revealed last month that the built-in GOS applications on many of its mobile phones will limit CPU and GPU performance, and not only limit games, but even general applications will be affected by GOS applications. . After this incident broke out, it greatly affected the image of Samsung mobile phones.

And what Lu Taiwen said about “the unique application processor of Galaxy mobile phones” may be to improve the performance of Samsung mobile phones, so as to eliminate the controversy of the previous GOS application.

It’s just that Lu Taiwen did not say whether the application processor unique to this Galaxy phone will continue to be named Exynos, and it is not clear whether the company will continue to use the ARM architecture, or whether Samsung will want to let the previous self-launched The Mongoose Autonomous Architecture core is revived.

In addition, there have been previous rumors that Samsung may use MediaTek chips in the yet-to-be-launched Galaxy S22 FE and Galaxy S23 series phones; however, Samsung has not clearly stated whether the application processor unique to this Galaxy phone will be compatible with MediaTek. Joint venture to build.

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