Mustang and Bumblebee are in trouble, the supply chain is short of material, and American muscle cars are announced to stop production

Ford and Chevrolet have announced that production of their flagship performance models, the Mustang and Camaro, will be halted for a week due to material shortages, after which it will be subject to supply chain conditions.

It’s getting harder and harder to buy a car these days. Ford’s best-known muscle car line, the Mustang, has announced a one-week shutdown due to chip shortages. At the same time, the Chevrolet muscle car Camaro was also discontinued at the same time. Will this sports car, famous for its role in the movie “Transformers” Bumblebee, accelerate its complete discontinuation?

Ford once again emphasized that the shortage of chips is the main reason why they are currently unable to produce Mustangs. It seems that Ford can only obtain a small amount of chips, and then distribute them in turns to different models. It was previously reported that their pickup truck F-150 production was reduced, and later The off-road vehicle Bronco ran out of material, and now it’s the Mustang’s turn to be stabbed. Earlier this year, it was reported that they began to sell a castrated version of Explorer, and some functions were removed due to insufficient chips.

Another major American automaker, General Motors, has not had a better time. Its Chevrolet Camaro and Cadillac CT4 are both assembled in the same factory, but they stopped production together last year. Due to the shortage of chips, GM has closed six factories in the United States and removed some functions, such as wireless charging of mobile phones, intelligent fuel consumption control system, etc. Due to insufficient production, GM has even been the best-selling car factory in the United States for nearly a hundred years. Give it up to Toyota.

The issue of chips has been troubling for a long time. GM and Ford both announced last year that they would directly sign contracts with chip factories to ensure stable supply, and even have plans to jointly develop special chips.

Although some automakers have managed to find a solution to the shortage of chips, new crises continue to besieged. German automakers have encountered new supply chain problems due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine; Tesla’s main factory, Giga Shanghai, has been affected by the closure of Shanghai, Japan Automakers are also suffering from chip problems, and many production lines have been shut down to reduce production.

Unsurprisingly, the reduction in production will make the price of cars higher and longer, and the waiting period for delivery will also lengthen. In some models, there is even a miracle that used cars are sold for more than the original price.

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