Meta adds new features to allow its platform Horizon Worlds to pilot a “virtual economy”

Meta began testing a new feature on Monday (11th) to sell virtual items and experiences within its VR platform Horizon Worlds, which is currently only available to a small group of creators.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that if you imagine the virtual world of the future, the ability to sell virtual goods and be able to bring them from one world to another is going to be an important component.

Meta said in a statement that the tools will initially be available to select users of Horizon Worlds who create virtual courses, games and fashion accessories, allowing them to sell their accessories or set up digital spaces for a fee. According to reports, all users who can enter Horizon Worlds can make virtual world in-app purchases.

In addition, Meta also provides a “Creator Bonus” program to some Horizon Worlds users in the United States. As a test, Meta will provide monthly compensation to participants who try out new features after they are launched.

At present, Meta is aggressively attacking the metaverse. Although its Quest headset sold quite well during the Christmas holiday, the VR business has accumulated more than $10 billion in losses. Additionally, as community platforms such as Horizon Worlds grow, Meta must learn to keep virtual communities safe, as too many users report being harassed in virtual worlds, and other users report that the platform is filled with too many young kids.

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