Suggest you raise these 5 kinds of dogs, longer life, can accompany you longer

We all know that the life span of a dog is relatively short, the average life span is generally between 10 to 15 years, so many pet owners are very cherish the time with the dog.

If you plan to keep a dog, we recommend you to keep the following five types of dogs, longer life, can accompany you longer!

  1. Chinese Field Dog
    Average life span: 12~20 years

Character: Loyalty and vigilance


Unlike inbred breeds, which are prone to genetic defects or genetic diseases, Field Spaniels are naturally resistant to disease. They are physically stronger because they are cross bred! Many Chinese Field Hounds are free-ranging and often go out on their own for exercise to improve their immune system.

They are also good family companions, as they can help guard your home and drive away thieves. However, garden dogs are exposed to many dangers, such as being caught and eaten, or dying in an accident. This is the main reason that affects their lifespan.

2. Golden Retriever
Average life span: 12~15 years

Personality: warm and cheerful, gentle and friendly

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Golden Retriever is a rare large dog breed with a relatively long life span! There are Golden Retrievers that live to be 18 years old, or even 20 years old! Golden is an improved breed, they are less genetic disease, genetic defects are also less, so the body is also good, plus the Golden likes to exercise, not picky about food, generally longer life.

Average life span: 12~15 years

Personality: Independent, thoughtful, lively

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Breed Information

Corgi as a cattle dog, they are naturally energetic, like to exercise, so the physique is also relatively good. However, the Corgi should pay attention to its skeletal problems, because it has short legs and long body, but also very easy to obese, so should not do climbing stairs, jumping and other strenuous exercise.

4、Jack Russell Terrier
Average life span: 13~15 years

Personality: lively, mischievous, smart

Jack Russell Terrier Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics &  Facts – Dogtime

Jack Russell Terrier dog in the domestic relatively few people keep, is a relatively niche dog. However, because they used to be foxhounds, they have better energy and are working dogs, all of which make the Jack Russell Terrier longer-lived.

Although there is no definite statement, it is believed that the Jack Russell Terrier has a high IQ. Because they love to play, it is easier to train them, and they will be more cooperative with you if the pet owner uses some snacks to assist them.

Average life span: 13~18 years

Personality: smart, loyal and gentle

Poodle - Description, Energy Level, Health, Image, and Interesting Facts

Poodles are also relatively long-lived dogs, they are also relatively well taken care of dogs, almost no body odor, hair loss is also less, very suitable for family keeping, as a companion to the elderly and children is also a very good pet dog. With the right amount of exercise and proper feeding, Poodles can be very content and easy to keep.

Regardless of the size of the dog, as long as the owner keeps it properly, they can live a healthier and longer life, and accompany you for a longer period of time!