7 Photography Tips You Probably Haven’t Heard Of… Just Try It!

On the photography introductory website, you can find a lot of photography tips, including how to use aperture, shutter, ISO, composition, equipment sharing, etc., but what if you want to find some new ideas that you haven’t heard of? Take a look at the 7 tips below and give it a try!

(Tip 1) Even if you encounter it frequently, take a picture of what you want to photograph immediately!
Many times you will often encounter beautiful scenery, streets or things, and you may say to yourself, “Anyway, I often encounter it, and I will save it for the next time!”. However, in the end, it may not be photographed after several years, and the scene that should be photographed is no longer there. Especially when it comes to light, or things that appear randomly, you need to take the time to shoot.

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(Tip 2) Photos taken on Sunday are usually better than those taken on Saturday
If you are not a professional photographer, you are likely to only pick up your camera to shoot on Saturdays and Sundays, so the photos taken on Sundays are likely to be better than those taken on Saturdays, because your photography tentacles have been “warmed up” the day before!

In fact, you can find a light camera (a small DC can already, of course, a mobile phone is also good), carry it with you every day and take a photo, so that you can maintain your “photography eyes”! Not sure what to shoot? Create a theme for yourself (e.g. water this week, shadows next week)!

(Tip 3) Remember to fill your stomach before shooting!
This is especially important for landscape photographers! Usually when other people pack up and go to dinner, the most beautiful view always comes up! And you may need to wait patiently for a beautiful view. Shooting with a full stomach can buy you more time and avoid rushing away and missing the opportunity to shoot.

(Tip 4) Don’t be too obsessed with the number of “likes”
Shooting is a very subjective art, remember what you shoot for – is it to leave a memory? To express emotions? To tell a story? Now that social networks are developed, of course it is good for someone to “like” to appreciate your photos, but don’t blindly shoot or post-production in order to win more “likes”. In fact, there are some photos that should not be applied with Instagram filters, or viewed It looks very powerful HDR effect!

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(Tip 5) Delete 50 photos
In the world of digital photography, taking pictures is very easy, and our photo library is full of many similar or failed photos. Try deleting 50, 100 or more photos from your photo library, this will not only Save storage space, and when viewing your photo library, you can review previous photos to see what could be improved.

(Tip 6) Get advice from non-professional photographers
Of course, professional photographers can let you learn more technical knowledge, but some non-professional photographer friends may be brave enough to express their opinions, or some personal opinions, so you may wish to invite more friends to comment on your photos what!

(Tip 7) When you are shooting/post-production, music is your best friend!
Photography is an art. When you are engaged in artistic creation, different music can allow you to exert different creativity, and will directly affect the photos you take! You can try this now to see if the photo has a little more artistic taste under different kinds of music?

Music Is Your Best Friend... | Quotes & Writings by Shivang Tomar |  YourQuote