Shanghai global static management, Hejing: shipment may be delayed

In order to realize social zero as soon as possible, Shanghai adopts “global static management”. Both TSMC and Hejing said that production at the Shanghai plant will not be affected. However, Hejing admits that product shipments will be delayed as a result.

In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, Shanghai has decided to further adopt comprehensive prevention and control measures such as “global static management”, nucleic acid screening of all employees, comprehensive epidemic investigation and investigation, and national cleaning and sterilization, so as to achieve social zero as soon as possible.

TSMC, which has an 8-inch fab in Shanghai, said today that it follows the local government’s precautionary measures and currently does not affect the production of the Shanghai plant.

Liu Deyin, chairman of TSMC, said on the 30th that the Shanghai plant was notified in advance and pre-positioned personnel to maintain operations. However, he said Shanghai’s lockdown has seen an impact on smartphones, computers and computer demand.

Hejing, a semiconductor silicon wafer factory, pointed out that the staff arrangement and production of the Shanghai factory will not be affected, but the shipment may be affected, and customers will be notified to adjust the delivery time. Hejing emphasized that fortunately, production will not be interrupted because of this, and only shipments will be affected by short-term disruptions.